14 de July de 2023

Wizard magic skills

ImageNameDescriptionTraining LevelSkill Level Max
Magic Skill Wizard FireBallFireBallElements of fire are gathered to form a fireball. Throw at monsters for damage.77
Magic Skill Wizard RepulsionRepulsionPush away mobs useing the power of fire.127
Magic Skill Wizard ElectricShockElectricShockStrong shock wave hits the monster and will not be able to move or the mob will get confused and fight for you.137
Magic Skill Wizard GreatFireBallGreatFireBallStronger then fire ball, GreatFireBall will fire up the mobs.157
Magic Skill Wizard HellFireHellFireShoots out a streak of fire attack the monster in front.167
Magic Skill Wizard ThunderBoltThunderBoltStrikes the foe with a lightning bolt inflicting high damage.177
Magic Skill Wizard TeleportTeleportTeleport to a random spot.187
Magic Skill Wizard BlinkBlinkTransports you to a nearby target.197
Magic Skill Wizard FireBangFireBangFirebang will burst out fire at a designated spot to burn all the monster within the area.227
Magic Skill Wizard FireWallFireWallThis skill will build a fire wall at a designated spot to attack the monster passing the area.247
Magic Skill Wizard LightningLightningShoots out a steak of lightning to attack the monster in front.267
Magic Skill Wizard FrostCrunchFrostCrunchFreeze the elements in the air around the monster to slow them down.287
Magic Skill Wizard ThunderStormThunderStormThis skill will make a thunder storm with in a designated area to attack the monster with in.307
Magic Skill Wizard MagicShieldMagicShieldThis skill will use Mp to create protective layer around you. Attack will be absorbed by the protective layer.317
Magic Skill Wizard TurnUndeadTurnUndeadThis magic will bring bright light into power and attack undead monsters.327
Magic Skill Wizard VampirismVampirismUsing MP take away monsters Hp to increase your HP.337
Magic Skill Wizard IceStormIceStormThis skill will make an ice storm with in a designated area to attack the monsters with in.357
Magic Skill Wizard FlameDisruptorFlameDisruptorFlame from the underground will be brought into surface to attack the mobs.387
Magic Skill Wizard MirroringMirroringCreate a mirror image of yourself to attack the monsters together.413
Magic Skill Wizard FlameFieldFlameFieldA powerful spell of fire is used to damage surrounding enemies.427
Magic Skill Wizard FireBounceFireBounceThrows a GreatFireBall that bounces between 3 targets.437
Magic Skill Wizard BlizzardBlizzardConcentrate inner force and spreads it to all the parts of your body.This will enhance the protection from enemies. Defense power and duration time will depend on the skill level. Once the skill has been used, you will have to wait to use it again.447
Magic Skill Wizard MagicBoosterMagicBoosterIncrease magical damage, but comsume additional MP.477
Magic Skill Wizard MeteorShowerMeteorShowerThrows 3 GreatFireBalls, damaging 3 nearby targets.487
Magic Skill Wizard MeteorStrikeMeteorStrikeAttacks all monsters within 5x5 square area with lumps of fire falling from the sky.497
Magic Skill Wizard IceThrustIceThrustAttack monsters by creating an ice pillar.537
Magic Skill Wizard StormEscapeStormEscapeParalyze nearby enemies and teleport to the designated location.607