9 de January de 2024

Commands and controls

General controls

Left clickBasic movement (walk, attack, take items).
Right clickChange direction (click around your position) and run (click away).
Shift + Left clickForce attack.
Ctrl + Right clickInspect another player's equipment.
Alt + Left clickSkin a creature.
Double Left clickUse item.


@ADDINVENTORYIncreases your inventory slot space by 4 (8 on the first time). Requires gold to use.
@ADDSTORAGEIncreases your storage slot space by 80. Requires gold to use.
@ALLOWGUILDEnables/Disables the ability to receive guild invitations when unguilded.
@ALLOWTRADEEnables/Disables the ability to receive trade requests.
@CLEARPETUnsummon all pets.
@DIEKills yourself.
@ENABLEGROUPRECALLChanges recall settings from enabled to disabled and vise versa. (If settings are disabled you will not be recalled by the party leader).
@FELLOWSummon your fellow.
@FIND[PlayerName]Finds map number and coordinates of the specified player. (Requires ProbeNecklace).
@GROUPRECALLAllows group leader to recall the whole group providing players have recall enabled.
@HOMETeleport to BichonWall.
@KILLPETUnsummon your fellow.
@LEAVEGUILDLeaves the current guild you are in.
@MOVE[X_coord] [Y_coord]Allows you to move to specific coordinates on the players current map. (Requires TeleportRing).
@PKPOINTShow PK Points.
@RECALLLOVERAllows you to recall your lover.
@RECALLMEMBER[PlayerName]Allows you to recall a specific member of group.
@RIDEMounts/Dismounts your ride.
@ROLLRolls a 6 sided dice and displays the outcome to all group members.
@TIMEGives current server time as output.
@TOGGLETRANSFORMPauses any active transform effect, turning you back to your normal self until you relog or type the command again.
@GATES[OPEN/CLOSE]*Opens or closes the gates on an owned conquest map. Only usable by guild owner. Optional Parameter.
@CHANGEFLAG[0-11]*Changes the flag of your guild. Only usable by guild owner. Optional Parameters.
@CHANGEFLAGCOLOUR[0-255]* [0-255]* [0-255]*Changes the flag colour of your guild using RGB colours. Only usable by guild owner. Optional Parameters.