13 de April de 2024

Open Beta Legend Of Mir HispaRed May3, 2024

Discover the New Era in the Open Beta of Legend Of Mir HispaRed - The New Age from May 3rd to 31st!

We invite you to be part of an exciting new chapter in the Legend of Mir saga. Legend Of Mir HispaRed – The New Age is an independent and revolutionary project built on the legacy of the classic Legend Of Mir 3 HispaRed, but with entirely new vision and gameplay. Prepare to explore, fight, and conquer in an environment where each class, map, and mission has been reinvented to offer a unique experience.

Open Beta Legend Of Mir HispaRed

Available Classes:

  • Warrior: Perfect for those who love direct combat.
  • Mage: Ideal for those looking to control arcane powers.
  • Taoist: Essential for group support and healing.
  • Assassin: Excellent for quick and lethal attacks.
  • Archer: Master of long-range attacks.
  • Monk: A balance between defense and melee combat skills.

Beta Rewards:

  • Level 30 Reached: Starter Set that includes a Ring, Bracelet, and Necklace (level 33).
  • Level 40 Reached: Level 40 Set that includes a Ring, Bracelet, and Necklace, plus 10 Experience Scrolls and 10 Drop Scrolls.
  • Level 50 Reached: Level 50 Set that includes a Ring, Bracelet, and Necklace, plus 20 Experience and Drop Scrolls, and 3000 Skill Points.
  • Maximum Refinement: When achieving Max Refinement of Weapon/Ring/Bracelet/Collar, you receive an Additional item of the same type, plus a Helmet if it’s a collar.
  • Rune Creation: Rewards include 1 Attack Rune plus 1000 Skill Points.
  • Creation of 5 Gems: Rewards include 5 Attack Gem plus 1000 Skill Points.
  • Weapon Awakening: Rewards include 10 AwakeningSoul.
  • Marriage and Level 35: Rewards include 15 ResurrectionScrolls.
  • Level 35 and Guild Creation: Rewards include an additional 15 ResurrectionScrolls.

This is more than just a game; it is a community and a growing universe that evolves with your decisions and achievements. Join us on this unprecedented adventure and be part of the legend from the beginning.

Are you ready to explore a new world? Register for the open beta this May 3rd and start your journey.

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Explore, fight, conquer – The destiny of Legend Of Mir HispaRed is in your hands.