Frequently asked questions


How can you raise a skill above level 3?

Not all skills can exceed level 3, but those that do may require investing Skills Points (SP).

What is coldness and how is it achieved?

Coldness is a special attribute that provides a permanent attack bonus and is obtained by completing some important quest.

What is the maximum level a character can reach?

Currently the maximum level a character can reach is 100.

Where and how can you learn skills?

To learn a new skill you must first get the book with the name of the skill, and then you must talk to the NPC Master of your profession located in BichonWall.



What items can be refined and to what level?

Currently you can refine weapons, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

What is an awakening of an item?

It is a significant improvement that depends on the grade of the item.

What is the maximum level that a fellow can reach?

It can reach level 100, taking into account that it cannot at any time have a higher level than its owner.

How does a fellow regain his endurance?

Companions can regain their endurance by feeding them a special meat sold in the stables called LeanMeat.

What results can be obtained in a refinery?

There are 3 possible outcomes: failure (+0), normal (+1) and critical (+2).

Where do you get a mount and how can you mount it?

The mount can be purchased at stables and require a saddle to be equipped to ride them.

What are Gem/Orb used for?

Using them on items they indicate can add improvements.

What items can I add to an objects socket?

In these slots you can add Runes that will add additional properties.

How does the EchoVeil set work?

When a group leader wears the set, and all players activate @enablegrouprecall, all players in the group can be recalled to the group leader on the same map using @grouprecall.

Recall can only be done once every 3 minutes.


What does it take to fish and where can it be done?

To fish you need fishing equipment that you can buy from the NPC Fisherman that you can find in some villages. The most popular area for fishing is WoodyIsland.

What is the minimum level to create a guild?

The minimum level to create a guild is level 22.

What is the minimum level to get married?

The minimum level to marry is level 10.

What is the minimum level to be a teacher?

There is no minimum level, you must have at least 10 levels above what your student has.

What advantages does being part of the NewbieGuild provide?

You will be able to meet other players to help you, and you will also get a special EXP bonus. The maximum level to belong to this guild is 25.

Up to what level do teleports have no cost?

Up to level 25 including teleports there will be no cost.

How do you unlock new teleportation locations?

You will need to discover a new teleport point in order to use it from the NPC.

What do you need to mine and where can it be done?

To mine you need a PickAxe and visit one of the mines. There are several types of mines, depending on what you are looking for.


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