7 de July de 2023

Warrior magic skills

ImageNameDescriptionTraining LevelSkill Level Max
Magic Skill Warrior FencingFencingHitting accuracy will be increased in accordance with practice level.77
Magic Skill Warrior SlayingSlayingHitting accuracy and destructive power will be increased in accordance with practive level.157
Magic Skill Warrior ThrustingThrustingIncreases the reach of your hits destructive power will increase in accordance with practive level.227
Magic Skill Warrior HalfMoonHalfMoonCause damage to mobs in a semi circle with the shock waves from your fast moving weapon.267
Magic Skill Warrior ShoulderDashShoulderDashA warrior can push away mobs by charging them with his shoulder, inflicting damage if they hit any obstacle.307
Magic Skill Warrior TwinDrakeBladeTwinDrakeBladeThe art of making multiple power attacks. It has a low chance of stunning the mob temporarly. Stunned mobs get 1.5 times more damage inflicted.317
Magic Skill Warrior EntrapmentEntrapmentParalyses mobs and draws them to the caster.327
Magic Skill Warrior FlamingSwordFlamingSwordCause additional damage by summoning the spirit of fire into weapon.357
Magic Skill Warrior LionRoarLionRoarParalyses mobs, duration increases with skill level.367
Magic Skill Warrior CrossHalfMoonCrossHalfMoonA warrior uses two powerfull waves of HalfMoon to inflict damage on all mobs stood next to them.377
Magic Skill Warrior BladeAvalancheBladeAvalancheThree way Thrusting.387
Magic Skill Warrior ProtectionFieldProtectionFieldConcentrates inner force and spreads it to all the parts of your body. This will enhance the protection from enemies. Defense power and duration will be depend on the skill level. Once the skill has been used, you will have to wait to use it again.397
Magic Skill Warrior RageRageEnhances your inner force to increase its power for a certain time. Attack power and duration time will depend on the skill level. Once the skill has been used you will have to wait to use it again.447
Magic Skill Warrior FuryFuryIncreases the warriors attack speed for a period of time.457
Magic Skill Warrior CounterAttackCounterAttackIncreases AC and AMC for a short period of time. Chance to defend an attack and counter.477
Magic Skill Warrior BattleCryBattleCryChanges the target of creatures in a 5x5 area to itself.487
Magic Skill Warrior SliceNDiceSliceNDicePowerful great slash.497
Magic Skill Warrior SlashingBurstSlashingBurstAllows the warrior to jump 1 space over an object or monster.507
Magic Skill Warrior HellFireSlashHellFireSlashCast a frontal fire attack in a row.527
Magic Skill Warrior IceThrustSlashIceThrustSlashCast a frontal ice attack in a row.537
Magic Skill Warrior BladeStormBladeStormCast a powerful blade storm.557
Magic Skill Warrior ImmortalSkinImmortalSkinIncrease defense to reduce attacks.607
Magic Skill Warrior BerserkerBerserkerIncrease attack to reduce defense.637
Magic Skill Warrior MassacreMassacreCast a powerful blade attack.657