14 de July de 2023

Taoist magic skills

Magic Skill Taoist HealingHealingHeals a single target recovering HP over time.7
Magic Skill Taoist SpiritSwordSpiritSwordIncreases the chance of hitting the target in melee combat.9
Magic Skill Taoist PoisoningPoisoningThrow poison at mobs to weaken them. Use green poison to weaken HP. Use red poison to weaken defense.14
Magic Skill Taoist SoulFireBallSoulFireBallPut power into a scroll and throw it at a mob. The scroll will burst into fire.18
Magic Skill Taoist SummonSkeletonSummonSkeletonSummons a powerful AOE Skeleton, Which will fight side by side with you.19
Magic Skill Taoist HidingHidingMobs will not be able to spot you for a short moment. Mobs will notice you if you start to move around.20
Magic Skill Taoist MassHidingMassHidingMobs will not be able to spot you or your party members for a short moment. Mobs will notice you and your party if you start to move around.21
Magic Skill Taoist SoulShieldSoulShieldAmulet Bless the partymembers to strengthen there magic defence.22
Magic Skill Taoist RevelationRevelationYou will be able to read HP of others.23
Magic Skill Taoist BlessedArmourBlessedArmourAmulet Bless the partymemebers to strenghten there defence.25
Magic Skill Taoist EnergyRepulsorEnergyRepulsorConcentrate your energy for one big blast to push away the monsters around you.27
Magic Skill Taoist TrapHexagonTrapHexagonAmulet Trap the monster with this magical power to stop them from moving. Any damages from outside source will allow the monsters to move again.28
Magic Skill Taoist PurificationPurificationHelp others to recover from poisoning and paralysis useing this skill.30
Magic Skill Taoist HallucinationHallucinationThe monster will only see hallucination and attack anyone on the way.31
Magic Skill Taoist MassHealingMassHealingHeal all injured players in the specified area by surrounding them with mana.31
Magic Skill Taoist UltimateEnhancerUltimateEnhancerAbsorb the energy from the surroundings to increase the stats.33
Magic Skill Taoist SummonShinsuSummonShinsuSummons a Shinsu, That will fight side by side with you.35
Magic Skill Taoist ReincarnationReincarnationRevives a dead players.37
Magic Skill Taoist SummonHolyDevaSummonHolyDevaSummon a HolyDeva. This holy spirit will use strong thunder to attack monsters.38
Magic Skill Taoist HealingCircleHealingCircleTreatment area friendly target, and the enemy caused spell damage.39
Magic Skill Taoist CurseCurseReduces mob attacks as Attack Speed, DC,MC,SC).40
Magic Skill Taoist PlaguePlagueDecreases targets MP and inflict target with various debuffs as stun, curse, poison and slow.42
Magic Skill Taoist PoisonCloudPoisonCloudThrow the amulet and a very strong poison cloud will appear in the area.43
Magic Skill Taoist PetEnhancerPetEnhancerStrengthening pets defense and power.45
Magic Skill Taoist EnergyShieldEnergyShieldCreate an enegy shield to heal immediately when attacked by monsters.48