14 de July de 2023

Monk magic skills

ImageNameDescriptionTraining LevelSkill Level Max
Magic Skill Monk QigongQigongIncreases the chance of hitting the target in short distance.77
Magic Skill Monk PunishPunishHitting accuracy and spirit power will be increased in accordance with practive level.157
Magic Skill Monk CelerityCelerityIncreases attack speed for a period of time.207
Magic Skill Monk TrigramPalmTrigramPalmThrows a palm that can hit distant enemies.257
Magic Skill Monk SpiritPalmSpiritPalmLaunches a wave of energy from the palm that weakens the enemy.277
Magic Skill Monk StrongholdStrongholdIncreases defense for a period of time.307
Magic Skill Monk DharmaStrikeDharmaStrikeGain the power of Dharma and perform a powerful attack.327
Magic Skill Monk RepealRepealPush away mobs useing the power of wind.337
Magic Skill Monk SacredBellSacredBellCreate a protective bell that reduces damage and remove debuff.357
Magic Skill Monk ExploitExploitAbsord monsters MP to recharge your MP.387
Magic Skill Monk ZenShiftZenShiftTransports you to a nearby target.397
Magic Skill Monk SpiritStrengthSpiritStrengthIncreases spiritual strength over a period of time.407
Magic Skill Monk VajraStrikeVajraStrikeGain the power of Vajra and perform a powerful attack.417
Magic Skill Monk MaelstromPulseMaelstromPulseArea that causes serious damage to enemies.437
Magic Skill Monk AgniTouchAgniTouchInvoke the touch of Agni to burn all monsters in an area457
Magic Skill Monk SpiritVortexSpiritVortexParalyses mobs and draws them to the caster.477
Magic Skill Monk IndraSmashIndraSmashCause additional damage by summoning Indra God into weapon.497
Magic Skill Monk AgniStrikeAgniStrikeGain the power of Agni and perform a powerful attack.507
Magic Skill Monk ZenithStrikeZenithStrikeGain the power of Zenith and perform a powerful attack.537